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Casa de Misericordia

The mission of Casa De Misericordia is to empowerment of survivors of domestic violence, the accountability of the batterer, and commitment to work with the Laredo community

The vision of Casa de Misericordia is that survivors of domestic violence, despite all they have endured, can reclaim their lives by receiving comprehensive, holistic services, and consistent long-term support.


Casa de Misericordia staff will assist you with a safety plan and answer questions regarding your situation. 

All information obtained is confidential.

If you think you are a victim of domestic violence, call (956) 712.9591 

If you’re in danger please call 911 immediately 



Plan ahead and

think of relatives

and friends who

can assist you.

Casa de misericordia can

help you with creating a

safety plan


Legal documents
Change of clothes
Favorite toy
Milk formula


In certains situations

survivors may benefit from

Protective Order or a

Peace Bond, which order a

batterer  to stay at a distance.

For more information please call

Casa de Misericordia or dial 911

for emergencies


The mission of Casa De Misericordia

is to empowerment of survivors of domestic violence,

the accountability of the batterer, and

commitment to work with the Laredo community

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If you think you are victim of domestic violence and want information, please call us at 956.712.9591 or 1.877.SUCASA.2 (toll free)

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