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One-year Anniversaries 

Recently we celebrated the 1 year anniversaries of two of our staff members.

Jeanette Peña and Josie Peña

Jeanette Peña celebrated her anniversary March 20, 2018.
She is our Legal Advocate at Casa de Misericordia; below she tells us a little more about herself.

Briefly describe your role at Casa. My mission as Legal Advocate at Casa de Misericordia is to provide guidance and information that may empower victims of domestic violence.  I strive to explain all processes to our survivors in terms that are understandable to them because if survivors leave without understanding what we’ve discussed, then I have failed in my attempt to empower them.  Helping survivors understand things allows them to make better choices that will benefit them and their families.

What do you most enjoy about working at Casa?  There is an instant gratification when you see the expression on a survivor's face changing from hopelessness to the realization that they are survivors and that there is hope to overcome these obstacles and the possibility of feeling safe, strong and ultimately, happy.

What is something you have learned while working at Casa? No one is exempt or immune to becoming a victim of domestic violence.

What is one thing you would like to share with the Laredo community about domestic violence?  The decision to come to Casa is a step in the right direction.  It is the first step in becoming a survivor and that is always a very good thing.


Next up we have our Education Center Case Manager, Josie Peña; she celebrated her one year anniversary on June 5, 2018. 

Briefly describe your role at Casa.   As a Case manager, at Casa, I screen clients of domestic violence, conduct intakes, schedule appointments with the counselor and legal advocate. Handle crisis situations and determine if client is in need of emergency shelter. Also, provide case management as needed, assist clients in completing crime victims’ compensation application. Arrange support groups for clients weekly and at times attend coalition meetings from different agencies or organizations in the community.

What do you most enjoy about working at Casa? I feel honored and blessed to work at Casa. What I most enjoy is that it is a ministry and we all work together as a team. My labor in the Lord is not in vain. I keep my head up high in all situations and work harder with the help of God that is with me.

What is something you have learned while working at Casa?  I have learned to be stronger while listening to stories of pain, desperation and sadness. I am capable of handling a whole new type of pressure that involves domestic violence.

What is one thing you would like to share with the Laredo community about domestic violence?  The one thing that I would share with my community is that, a person does not have to be trapped in an abusive relationship. One should not be afraid to seek help and that there

2018 Summer Fun Fest 


The Vielma Law Firm in conjunction with the Webb County Better Community Foundation & Don't Give Up! Project held their 5th annual Family Summer Fun Fest at a private outdoor event with purpose to support families that have been victims of violence, children at risk

Baking Cupcakes!

Summer is here! School is out! So in order to keep our kiddos busy and entertained, the Child Advocates planned an indoor activity that included yummy smells and treats. Our Child Advocate, Jacklyn Orr writes about the afternoon activity she shared with the children in the shelter.


2018 Spring Semester Graduation

Congratulations Sister Rose, Staff , Teachers and especially graduates who planned and hosted the May Graduation program. 
The theme of the graduation was Cinco de Mayo and  Sister Rose, Staff and students were dressed in beautiful Mexican attire. 
Their smiles and pride lit up the room. Students sang, recited

Reflections on “In Her Shoes”

On January 23 during the Casa de Misericordia Board of Directors Retreat, we were exposed to an exercise called “In Their Shoes.” My first impression and notion was of annoyance and frustration. We were asked to group read real-life scenarios and walk to different stations to

Annual Fundraising Dinner Delivered Message of Healing


On Thursday, April 5th, Casa de Misericordia gathered with hundreds of friends and donors from throughout the community at the annual fundraising dinner held at the IBC Annex. A very special thank you to IBC for generously donating the venue, food, and



The mission of Casa de Misericordia is the empowerment of women and children, the accountability of the batterer, and commitment to work with the Laredo Community.




The vision of Casa de Misericordia is that battered women, despite all they have endured, can

reclaim their lives by receiving comprehensive, holistic services, and consistent long-term support.


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