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Casa de Misericordia offers battered women the chance to reclaim their lives through comprehensive, holistic services and consistent long-term support.

About us

Casa de Misericordia is a shelter for victims of domestic violence and offers survivors a chance to reclaim their lives through comprehensive, holistic services and consistent long-term support. Casa de Misericordia provides secure, temporary residential services to victims of domestic violence. Survivors can be oriented, educated on domestic violence and offered emotional support. Casa de Misericordia also links victims to appropriate agencies based on their needs and goals.


In 1997, Sr. Rosemary Welsh and staff of healthcare providers from Mercy Clinic recognized an alarming number of women in violent situations. This called for urgent action and coincided with a request from the community to open a domestic violence shelter. In January 1998, the  opportunity was made possible with the awarding of Catherine’s Legacy Grant from the Sisters of Mercy. Through this grant, and additional in-kind donations and many individuals and families, Casa de Misericordia opened its doors on July 7, 1998.

The mission and vision of Casa de Misericordia is to provide survivors of domestic violence, especially those who are pregnant and with children, a sheltered environment where they can access the very best services in education, legal advocacy, counseling, medical referrals and spiritual guidance; to hold the batterers accountable for their actions; and to provide the community with a vital and effective mechanism for changing the way it perceives and responds to the needs of victims of domestic violence and their families.

“Below you will find a video clip that was created in commemoration of our 20th Anniversary.”

Major Services

• Residential shelter with 24-hour hotline
• Counseling services for adults
• Legal assistance
• Outreach education
• Non-Residential / Outreach Services
• Community referrals
• Assistance with judicial system
• Recreation center for women and children
• Shelter Services

At Casa de Misericordia our staff will assist you with safety planning and questions regarding your situation. ALL INFORMATION OBTAINED IS CONFIDENTIAL.

It is never easy for someone who is living in a domestic violence situation, there are many ways in which we can help.

Violence and abuse affect men and women of all backgrounds causing terrible pain, but you are not alone, we’re here to help you.

Casa de Misericordia is committed to changing the way domestic violence is perceived, as well as the battered victims and their family’s needs are responded to.

Casa de Misericordia provides services to victims of domestic violence without regard to race, national origin, age, physical handicap, religion or sexual preference.