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On Wednesday, February 13, 2019 Casa de Misericordia hosted their annual Valentine’s Day Party. Fire Local 872 donated $250 to the event. Trinidad & Cat Lara from Laredo Fire Dept. donated $200. Laredo Fire Dept. Administration sent Sparky & Firefighters from Station #1 to attend the event and gave each of the approximately 100 kids in attendance a chance to try on gear & take a seat in the firetruck. Around noon, volunteers from Station #7, A-shift, brought the BBQ pit, firewood & the cooks who started the fire outside for a cookout that would include carne asada, hot dogs and burgers; in addition they also made rice to serve with the meal. 4 Union volunteers, 2 firefighter wives, & 2 firefighter daughters helped serve food for the event. Commissioner Cindy Liendo’s office staff manned games for the kids, provided cupcakes, gift bags for kids, and handmade flowers for each woman in attendance; adults and children all joined in when the staff led line dancing and Zumba. Priscilla Pantoja donated 150 bags of chips. Lazy Boy Tattoo donated their time and talent to provide face painting for the full 3 hours of the event.

We thank all the community volunteers that made time to join us for this special event!