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July 2019

Casa de Misericordia is a domestic violence program that offers survivors emergency shelter and long term

support such as counseling and educational classes. Our Mission is to empower survivors of domestic violence,

the accountability of the batterer, and a commitment to work with the Laredo community.


Every summer, Casa de Misericordia hosts a youth summer camp whose purpose is to create a safe, fun, and

educational experience established specifically for children exposed to domestic violence.

Camps last half a day, where both breakfast and lunch are provided by the Laredo

Independent School District Summer Food Program.  We believe it is important to create these

opportunities for youth survivors as it allows us the opportunity to continue providing support and

educational awareness. This year we provided these services through our camps to over 160 kids.


At the end of the school year, many families are ready to travel to new and exciting places. However, the

reality for most of our families is that they do not have this opportunity; by hosting our summer

camps with fun filled activities and outings, children are able to create new memories that can be shared

with others when they go back to school.  The effects of domestic violence on survivors can be profound and

long-lasting. The activities that take place throughout summer camp can also provide therapeutic and emotional

benefits, helping youth survivors decrease anxiety and cope with trauma.


This summer, our adolescents had the opportunity to visit The San Antonio Viejo Ranch, part of the East

Foundation in Hebbronville for an “Agriculture Field Day”.   Different activities throughout the

day included learning about wildlife with the Texas Game Wardens and Masi Mejia, an educator for the East Foundation.

They also learned about conservation, and even participated in a scavenger hunt. Our youth group especially enjoyed this

outing because they liked being out of the city experiencing real ranch life.


Other outings that took place this year was a visit to  Pla-Mor Family Entertainment Center where kids got to

bowl with their friends and play arcade games.  A visit to the Texas Travel Information Center afforded them

activities presented by the Webb County Fire Department, the Lamar Bruni Vergara Environmental Center,

and Lake Casa Blanca and Birder’s Society.  In addition, our adolescents were excited to see” Spider Man–Far

From Home “ at the Cine-mark Mall del Norte, complete with popcorn and drinks with their movie.


The last Friday’s of camp  are used to bring together all the youth participants for a summer celebration

that continues to support socialization, bonding, and teamwork skills.  Participating in different interactive

games and activities, eating  delicious food and drinking  aguas frescas, they also enjoyed the water slides and

winning prizes.  At the end of the camp, they were presented with a certificate of participation in our program,

a school backpack filled with school supplies and a voucher redeemable for new shoes.


The Childhood Domestic Violence Association estimates 5 million children witness domestic violence every year.

We thank all those who support our efforts and all our donors who year after year make many of these activities a

possibility for our youth.