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Petra Soria, shelter advocate for Casa de Misericordia, joined the team early on as the shelter opened it’s doors. She celebrated her 21 year anniversary on September 16, 2019. Last December 2019, Petra said goodbye as she turned over her last shift as a shelter advocate. We are very happy for her and hope to see her around in the future as she wishes to continue her support through volunteering her time when possible. Before leaving, Petra expressed the following:

“Trabajar en este hermoso ministerio de ayudar a los demas, me a dado much felicidad y alegrias y me siento fuerte, privilegiada y bendecida por Dios para seguir adelante con mi familia.” /”To work in this beautiful ministry that helps others has given me much happiness and joy and i feel strong, privileged and blessed by God to continue forward with my family.”

Wishing you all the best on your retirement!


-Casa de Misericorida Team