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Board Appreciation Month

In recognition of Board Appreciation Month, thank you! Thank you for your time, talent, and expertise you have given the ministry of Casa de Misericordia. Thank you so very much for your active participation throughout the years. You have made a difference through...

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Recognizing Elena K. Holloway

March 26, 2019 We'd like to recognize our very own, Elena K. Holloway who was 1 of 12 nominees for the Jefferson Award in Laredo, which honors the spirit of volunteerism. Elena has volunteered with Casa de Misericordia since September 2017. Established in 1972 by...

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¡Celebremos el Mes de la Mujer!

Marzo el Mes de La Mujer, donde se reconoce y celebran las contribuciones de las mujeres en los eventos históricos y en la sociedad. 7 de marzo de 2019 En este mes de marzo, se le hizo reconocimiento a mujeres de los dos Laredos (Laredo y Nuevo Laredo) con una sesión...

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Volunteer Spotlight

Mr. & Mrs. Ramon teach Conversational English and assist in ESL Courses at the Lamar Bruni Vergara Education Center. They have been volunteering for over 5 years. Last year, at the 22nd Annual Webb County Domestic Violence Conference, the two were recognized with...

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